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May 2019

Thamicha Isaac, H.I.V. and Abuse

May 8, 2019

Episode 3: How does abuse become normalized?  Hear Thamicha's gripping story where she discusses the various levels of abuse she has experienced including domestic and sexual abuse as well as being diagnosed as H.I.V. positive at the age of 19.  She describes the impact of her H.I.V. diagnosis, how she received the news, how it made her feel and the feelings of anger, guilt and shame that she experienced.  She also explains how she made it out from rock bottom, her process of healing and how she became the CEO and Founder of Openly Positive, an organization that strives to end the stigma around H.I.V. and provide support for those with H.I.V. and their families.  

Thamicha Isaac is an activist, advocate, motivational speaker, coach, author and momtrepreneur.  Be inspired and moved by her story which reminds us that no matter how dire things may seem, or the trauma that you may have experienced, there is hope on the other side.  The tunnel does have a light.

To learn more about openly positive for resources related to H.I.V. and Thamicha's speaking engagements, please visit:  You can also follow her on Instagram and on

For resources on H.I.V. for those living in Ontario, please visit:

For resources on domestic violence and abuse, please visit: and

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