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This is You - The Podcast

May 2019

Auroosa Kazmi-Ishaq and Loneliness

May 1, 2019

Episode 1: In our intro episode, I explain how this podcast came to be, what it hopes to accomplish and provide an introductory look at a concept that has impacted my identity: loneliness. 

What factors contribute to our identity?  How do we become the people we are?  What life experiences, concepts or themes shape us and affect how we view ourselves?

I believe that reflecting on what makes us who we are and sharing our story with others helps people feel less alone and creates a space where being vulnerable is celebrated instead of stigmatized.  Sharing our stories with others also helps us make connections and have a better understanding of ourselves than we may have had when we kept it all inside.

Growing up with siblings either much older or much younger than me, I have struggled with loneliness for much of my life.  Have you ever been surrounded by wonderful friends but still felt alone - unable to share your feelings without feeling like a burden?  That was me and still is me some days. 

Listen in to hear more about my experience and how it still affects my identity today.