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Jun 2019

Jenn Taylor Part 1, Influential People

Episode 7, Part 1: How does trauma change us and how can people through the simplest of actions be our shining light? Today's guest is blogger, podcaster and virtual assistant, Jenn Taylor who is a mom of 18 kids as well as a published author. In this special 2 part episode, part 1 focuses on three influential people in Jenn's life: her third grade teacher, her mother and someone she lovingly refers to as her adopted dad. These three play a profound role in how Jenn chooses to parent her 18 kids and her blended family, how she establishes boundaries for herself and in experiencing as well as dealing with past trauma such as rape, infertility, molestation, and more.  Listen in to part 1 of this inspiring story.⠀

One quote that kept coming to mind in part 1 is by Mitch Albom from the 5 People You Meet in Heaven, he says: “All parents damage their children. It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair.” In part 1, Jenn talks about the imprints that are left on her but in part 2 (releases next week) she talks about how she repaired those past hurts and how takes back control of her life so that only she gets to define who she is today.⠀

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Jun 2019

Becky Hellwig, Moving and Integration

Episode 6: What makes us who we are and how does who we are change when we move from one environment to a completely different one? How much of our identity is influenced by the places we live, the routines we have, the things we do? And if those routines and things are no longer an option...who do we become then? How do we hold on and let go at the same time?⠀

In this episode, I talk to Becky Hellwig, self-professed city girl from Silicon Valley who 3 years ago for various reasons moved from Silicon Valley to a small rural town in Germany. Feeling like a fish out of water, she talks about the challenges in transitioning from a big city to a rural village, how she felt so disconnected and her struggle to figure out how to keep who she was while embracing who she could be in this new environment. So much of what Becky equated with her identity was no longer an option. No one dressed up or went anywhere in rural Germany - there was no place to go. For a blogger who would go to big parties in Silicon Valley and served as a quasi-tour guide for people visiting the city, having nowhere to go really impacted her sense of belonging. Hear her story as she talks about her initial days, her life in Silicon Valley compared to rural Germany and what she ultimately had to do to embrace where she was instead of where she used to be.⠀

May 2019

Auroosa Kazmi-Ishaq and The Myth of the Linear Path

Episode 5: It's time for another solo episode!  For those who listened to Diary of 2 Middle Children (episodes 4, part 1 and part 2), you may remember that Sania and I talked about the myth of the linear path briefly.   

What is the linear path?

"The Linear Path is a worldview in which mastering perfectionism, progress and ever-exceeding improvement lead to success, security and happiness." - Daniëlle van de Kemenade⠀

Many of us have been brought up with this idea.  For me, I believed that if I followed all the steps "correctly", (went to school, got good grades, got a job, got married, etc.) then I would find happiness and success.  I believed that life proceeds in an orderly, linear fashion and I just need to find the magic formula and follow it to find success...and perhaps more importantly, avoid failure.  But in reality, this idea is a myth.  Careers are progressively more and more non-linear and happiness is not a final destination that we reach once we've surpassed enough milestones.  Have you ever felt that every time you reached a milestone, instead of celebrating it, you lamented that you hadn't reached the next milestone yet?  That used to be me.⠀
A few years ago, I realized that that 1) the linear path is a myth, success and happiness is not a straight line but a squiggly one that goes in every which direction, 2) there is no such thing as doing things "right", everyone follows a different path and what works for one person, doesn't work for another person, 3) every step we take is just a data point in our journey which will help us to make future decisions and learn from our failures and mistakes, it's not the end of the world and 4) no matter what you do, there is no way to avoid the risk of failure, making a mistake or defeat. What's important is to be in the arena: striving, risking and daring greatly.  Brené Brown talks more about being in the arena in her book Daring Greatly.
May 2019

Sania Khan and Auroosa Kazmi Ishaq, Diary of 2 Middle Children, Part 2

Episode 4, Part 2: Have you ever gotten caught up in what concepts like "good", "honour" and "respect" mean?  We have and what's been most puzzling is that it seems like everyone knows but us!

Today's episode is Part 2 of Diary of 2 Middle Children where Sania and I pick up our conversation from last week and talk about being judged, pivotal moments in our life that changed how we view ourselves, giving ourselves permission to make our own choices, people-pleasing and our tendency to think that at some point, things would make sense.  Spoiler alert: this never happens!  We talk about loving and accepting who we are and what it means to be a good person.  Further, how do we instill good values in our kids?

We conclude with a question to the audience: are we just the sum of our actions or is there inherent goodness in all of us?

Lastly, there's a call to action, if anything in this episode resonated with you, please comment on Instagram, Facebook, or send me an email at, I'd love to hear from you.

May 2019

Sania Khan and Auroosa Kazmi Ishaq, Diary of 2 Middle Children, Part 1

Episode 4, Part 1: Does birth order influence our personalities?  Both my guest, Sania Khan, and I are middle children and feel that being a middle child plays a fundamental role in how we experience and view the world.  In this episode, we discuss middle child syndrome and how being a middle child has led to certain tendencies such as people pleasing, wanting to be peacemakers, feeling neglected and trying to figure out our role in our families. 

In particular, I think I equated being a middle child with being less loved or less worthy and it took me a long time to realize that that wasn't the case. But where did this feeling come from to begin with? Listen in to this episode to learn where some of these ideas came from, how they were perpetuated and how I began to see things differently as I became a parent.

People pleasing is another aspect of our personalities that can affect so many of our everyday choices, how do you break free of the desire to please everyone else and live life on your own terms?  Sania and I discuss our journey and what we still struggle with today.

We also tackle topics such as why the process of arranged marriage can be difficult as a middle child, choosing a different path from the ones our siblings paved for us, embracing ourselves with self-love, and how it influences us going forward. 

This is part one of a really funny, insightful and interesting conversation.  You won't want to miss this one!

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